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Packing Supplies & Boxes

Disc Lock
High Quality, Steel Reinforced Disc Lock.  These locks are one of the best ways to ensure the safety and security of your stored items.

Hanging Damp Rid
Practical Moisture Absorber. Helps to remove extra moisture from the air. Provides a fragrant "fresh" scent to the room or space. Can help prevent damage to stored items caused by moisture.

Dust Cover
Versatile, Multi-Use, Heavy Duty Plastic Cover. Great for Protecting Mattresses, Couches, and Chairs. Loosely drape over your stored items to add an extra level of protection from dust and dirt particles.

Storage Value Pack
All Your Essential Storage Needs! High Quality Disc Lock, Hanging Damprid Moisture Absorber, Heavy Duty Dust Cover.  Highly Recommended for Purchase with Every New Storage Rental!

Student Box Special
15% Savings - 3 Small, 2 Medium, 1 Large Box & a Roll of Packing Tape. Perfect for packing up a dorm room or small classroom for holiday or summer breaks. Also ideal as a starter pack for storing kitchen items.

Move In Box Special
15% Savings - 5 Large, 7 Medium, 8 Small Boxes & a Roll of Packing Tape. Recommended for packing up bedrooms, offices, and living rooms.

Essential Moving Kit
20% Savings -  5 Small, 4 Medium, 3 Large Boxes & a Roll of Packing Tape. Also includes a 10lb box of Newsprint Packing Paper and a Roll of Small Bubble Wrap. Designed to provide a hearty level of protection for all of your boxed items.

Bubble Wrap
Available in multiple sizes, bubble wrap is an excellent tool used to protect packed items. Combine a bubble wrap purchase with any box special to ensure that all of your boxed items receive maximum protection while moving.

Packing Paper
10lb box of clean, white newsprint packing paper. A must have item when packing dishes, ornaments & other fragile items.

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