The Difference Between Climate-Control VS. Non-Climate

Here at Atlantic Self Storage, we’re going to help you decide where to place your belongings. Here are some benefits of each storage option, and the usual items that are packed away in each.

What is a climate-controlled storage unit? Specific storage units are temperature-controlled to stay within a certain range. Climate-controlled storage units are used for protecting sensitive belongings from heat or cold weather.

Climate-Controlled Benefits

  1. Protection from extreme temperature
  2. The extra barrier of protection from dust and bugs
  3. Keeps belongings in pristine condition
  4. 24/7 coded access

Having your valuable items in a drive-up storage unit is not also the best option due to the weather in Florida, potential bugs, and dust. Protecting your valuables in a climate-controlled storage unit is extremely essential in Florida’s unpredictable climates.

Climate-controlled storage units are mainly used for better protecting valuable belongings such as.

  • Wooden or leather furniture
  • Artwork
  • Electronics
  • Important documents
  • Books

If you are looking for a place to store your more valuable items, a climate-controlled storage unit might better suit your needs!

Non-Climate Control Benefits

  1. Cost efficient
  2. 24/7 coded access
  3. Convenience
  4. Large, spacious, garage style

Drive-up storage units are more cost-efficient, convenient as well as spacious for all shapes and sizes of your storage.

Non-climate control storage units are mainly used for your day-to-day belongings such as.

  • Outside furniture
  • Kitchen items
  • Sports equipment
  • Musical instruments
  • Vehicles

If you are looking for the most convenient option to store your items, the outdoor drive-up storage unit will suit all of your needs!

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