Moving and Storage Unit Packing Supplies

A wall of moving supplies at Atlantic self storage

No matter if you’re preparing for a move or capitalizing on your existing space, packing can be stressful. Thankfully, the Atlantic Self Storage team has thought of everything you may need as you pack. We offer packing and moving supplies for purchase at our facilities.

While each location’s supply availability varies, we’re committed to offering as many packing and moving essentials as you need during your move. Learn more about our offerings below!

Packing Essentials

If you’re looking for the packing basics to get you started, you’ve come to the right place. Choose from a variety of boxes, disc locks, bubble wrap, and more. With our help, you’re sure to start packing on the right foot.

Blankets (Deluxe and Economy Moving Pads)

Minimize your risk of back strain or damage to your vehicle with our deluxe or economy moving pads. Instead of struggling to load heavy items in or out of your car or moving truck, a moving pad or blanket allows you to easily slide wooden furniture, large kitchen appliances, and other heavy items and protect your vehicle’s interior at the same time.

Boxes (Small, Medium, Large, Wardrobe)

Sturdy and high-quality, Atlantic Self Storage’s boxes are essential to your moving journey. Pick up a few (or a lot) right from our front office. We offer a wide range of sizes, from small boxes for dishware to boxes big enough to hold a standard wardrobe’s contents.

Already have your own boxes? No problem! Our boxes will still be here in case you run out or need a couple extra.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is an excellent tool used to protect packed items like pottery and collectible glassware. Combine your bubble wrap purchase with any box special to ensure that all of your boxed items receive maximum protection while moving.

Airganic Moisture Absorber

Beat the humidity the natural way with Airganic! Airganic devices are a practical way to absorb moisture in your storage unit, boat, or RV. It removes extra moisture from the air and produces a fragrance, leaving the air dry and freshly scented for your stored items. These pouches are made from sustainable ingredients and have ZERO chemicals!

Disc Lock (Standard and Combination)

Our high-quality, steel reinforced disc lock is perfect for your peace of mind. Out of all the types of locks you could use for your storage unit, this lock is our best recommendation for security. Purchase your standard disc lock with an included set of keys or upgrade to a combination disc lock for even more convenience.

Master-Lock Clamp 12′ Strap

Traveling on a windy day or on the highway? Keep your tarps secure while transporting your boat or other materials with our Master-Lock Clamp 12’ Strap. Use the clamp to adjust the tension to ensure your items are secure. It’s excellent for boat storage, too!

Packing Paper

Packing paper: the unsung hero of any move! Our box of clean, white newsprint packing paper is essential for packing dishes, ornaments, and other fragile items.

Tape (Economy or with Dispenser)

There’s nothing worse than putting boxes together and realizing you’re out of tape. Before your roll runs out, stock up on tape at Atlantic Self Storage. You can even buy a roll of tape with a dispenser for your convenience!


For the items that don’t neatly fit into a box in the moving truck, there are always tarps! A good option for dusty or dirty objects, our tarps shield your towed items from the rain and moisture during transport.

Packing Specials

If your packing supply needs go beyond a few boxes, we’ve got you covered. Our affordable packing specials can help you get a lot of the essentials at a discounted price! We offer a number of bundles from box specials for your home, apartment, and dorm to outdoor value packs. Check with your local Atlantic Self Storage facility for available bundles.

Value Pack

This moving starter pack contains all the essentials: a high-quality disc lock, hanging Airganic moisture absorber, a magnetic LED light, and protective plastic cover. We highly recommended this pack for every new storage rental!

Additional Packing Supplies

At Atlantic Self Storage, we don’t stop at providing the essentials for your move. In addition to boxes, bubble wrap, and other must-have supplies, we also offer more unique supplies and tools!

Forearm Forklift

Give yourself more arm power for lifting heavy objects with forearm forklift straps. These straps make moving heavy items into and out of storage a breeze.

Magnetic Light

Our magnetic lights are great to put in your unit in case you need to access your unit late at night or early in the morning. Since our units don’t have electricity, these lights can help you navigate your unit (and avoid stubbed toes or bumped heads) any time of day.

Trailer Hitch (select locations only)

No matter if you’ve forgotten yours or need a new one, Atlantic Self Storage’s trailer hitches help you hook up your trailer, RV, or boat to your vehicle and head out to place them in storage.

TV – Foam Cover

Our foam covers act like a big hug for the large, fragile items you plan to store! For example, a foam cover can fit perfectly over your TV and protect your screen from cracks and scratches.

Poly Rope

Resistant to moisture, sunlight, and other damaging forces, poly rope (or polyester rope) is perfect for tying objects down to your vehicle or truck during a move.

Protective Cover

Our heavy-duty plastic cover is versatile and perfect for protecting mattresses, couches, and chairs from dust and dirt particles.

Stretch Wrap

Storing your furniture for a while? Stretch wrap is a great way to protect your fabric and leather furniture from unintentional scratches and tears.

Atlantic Self Storage Has Everything You Need

From common needs like boxes and tape to more specific items like trailer hitches, Atlantic Self Storage is here to help you create a better moving or storage experience. No matter if you’re organizing your home or relocating your entire business to a new location, it should always be as easy and convenient as possible.

Visit your local Atlantic Self Storage today!