The Best Storage Hacks For Fall Decor

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As the fall season starts, you may be wondering how you will organize your fall decor after you are done with the festivities. Making sure your items are easily accessible and safe is important. We’ve got the best storage hacks for fall decor!

1. Organize by room and purpose

Organize your decorations by what area they go in, and what their purpose is. For example, store all your outdoor decor together in the same boxes so you don’t have to dig around. This also applies to any fall utensils, plates, and other dining room decorations. Make sure to grab some Atlantic Self Storage boxes so your items stay secure. Label the boxes with a list of what is in them, and put them by each other in your storage unit.

2. Use climate-controlled units

Florida weather is always something you need to prepare for. Since your items will be in storage during the warmer months, make sure you take advantage of our climate-controlled units. This will help extend the life of your items by keeping them cooler and dryer. To stop any potential moisture, make sure to grab some Airganic Moisture Absorbers. Check your items monthly and make sure to replace your moisture absorbers when need be.

3. Don’t forget bubble wrap and packing paper

Bubble wrap and packing paper is essential for decorations that are fragile. For example, dining ware, ceramic pumpkins, and anything that can be harmed when touched. Items can shift after being packed, so give fragile items a few layers. Wrapping them will also allow you to move the boxes around worry-free. You will be able to reuse your bubble wrap and packing paper for next year as well.

4. Give special attention to larger items

Larger decorations like blow-ups or fake skeletons will need special attention. We recommend folding your blow-up decorations neatly and ensuring they are dry. Pack them together in a compact box. For decorations that are bulky and can’t be folded, use a wardrobe-sized box. These are tall enough to fit larger items without damaging them. Don’t forget to label these and add a detailed list! Plastic covers are also a good route to go to keep items dust-free and clean.

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